Cocaine Detox: Symptoms, Timeline, and Professional Help

They may feel a sense of relief that they are finally acknowledging the problem and taking steps towards recovery. At the same time, they may also feel fear and uncertainty about what lies ahead. Individuals need to understand that these emotions are normal and part of cocaine addiction treatment the healing process. “Withdrawal” is the term for the physical and mental symptoms a person with a drug dependence or addiction experiences when they suddenly stop or reduce substance use. While quitting without intervention is certainly possible, it’s not recommended.

During my active addiction, although I used plenty of cocaine, heroin was my true love. It made me feel safe, warm, nurtured — the opposite of the undeserving person that I feared I truly was. As an expert on addiction, I knew that a return to compulsive drug use wasn’t inevitable with medical opioid exposure. But I also knew that it was wise to be cautious about reopening a door that could lead me back to my past.

Easy Street Availability of Cocaine

Going cold turkey alone may feel like a more convenient way to get clean, but it’s not the best way to kick the habit. Without oversight and support resources, it’s easier to fall back into old patterns and ways. A half-hearted approach to treatment will result in half-hearted results. Simply going through the motions will more than likely result in a relapse sooner rather than later, so it’s important to find the right motivation to get clean.

how i overcame cocaine addiction without treatment

The FHE Health team is committed to providing accurate information that adheres to the highest standards of writing. This is part of our ongoing commitment to ensure FHE Health is trusted as a leader in mental health and addiction care. If you’re not motivated to get clean on your own, take time to consider what drugs have taken from you. Withdrawn funds from college savings for your children or your retirement accounts? Drug use affects all parts of your life, so examining what your use is costing you can help you find the motivation to get clean.

Symptoms of Cocaine Addiction

If you or someone you love is living with an addiction to cocaine, help is here. Please contact FHE Health to learn more about our comprehensive treatment opportunities, including inpatient care, partial hospitalization, and intensive outpatient programming. When your entire lifestyle starts to revolve around drugs, most of your spare time is spent with other users, going to parties or friends’ homes to use drugs or other behaviors related to drug use.

how i overcame cocaine addiction without treatment

This is a very important step in overcoming addiction because it helps you to identify one of the main obstacles and deal with it. During this period, avoid stressful situations and environments that could trigger cocaine cravings to ease the crash. Instead, surround yourself with supportive people who understand what you’re going through. By supporting your loved one, you can help that person to achieve a healthier, more balanced life. A newborn baby may also develop cocaine dependence if exposed to it in utero.

Treating Cocaine Withdrawal at Landmark Recovery

At American Addiction Centers (AAC), we will guide you through each level of treatment and what services are offered at each facility. Cocaine addiction treatment may include a combination of detox, inpatient treatment, behavioral therapies, and more. Understanding Cocaine Addiction is a critical aspect that must be grasped to effectively overcome the complex issue of cocaine addiction.

how i overcame cocaine addiction without treatment

Some of the drinks were vodka tonics, while others contained no alcohol but were disguised as cocktails. Finally, it is crucial to create a relapse prevention plan that outlines strategies for handling cravings and temptations. This plan may include reaching out for professional help or attending support group meetings. By implementing these healthy lifestyle changes, individuals can significantly increase their chances of recovery and maintain long-term sobriety.

So, if you encounter this situation consult a doctor to give you the corresponding drug treatment to overcome the withdrawal syndrome. Once you have definitely considered this new change in your life, you should fully realize that it will not be an easy path, but with the help of professionals, family and friends can be overcome. You have to understand that even if consumed only sporadically, if you continue to consume every time you will be harder to convince your brain to stop  needing that substance. Without this first step, it will not be possible to begin the next stages of change.

All care and treatment are provided by board-certified doctors, nurses, psychologists, and other care providers, so you can rest easy knowing you are in good, capable hands during treatment. Cocaine is a highly addictive stimulant grown and processed in South America. It considered by the National Institute on Drug Abuse to be an extremely powerful addiction. Many people try cocaine in high school and college then develop a habit of doing it to cope with stress, improve performance, and generally feel good. When the habit becomes an addiction, many seek help in overcoming the addiction.

This may involve therapy, counseling, or other forms of professional help to work through these underlying issues. Symptoms of cocaine withdrawal include depression, excessive sleep, increased hunger, and a general sense of unease. Below are some addiction support groups that may be helpful for people with cocaine addiction. Once acute withdrawal has ended, a person may experience protracted withdrawal symptoms. The symptoms of cocaine withdrawal are often mild and not life threatening.

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